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Have you ever thought of doing a cake smash session for your little one’s first birthday! The possibilities are endless and with the help of Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections we can do anything!



People’s Choice Contest – Best of 2016 | Holly, Michigan Photographer

The title is a bit deceiving! How on Earth can I pick just a few favorites from the whole year?! ALL of my photos are my favorites, so this is always a hard task! If it was up to me, I would choose them all but then there would be thousands of photos on here, and I’m pretty sure I’d crash everyone’s computer!

But  here we are again staring a beautiful new year in the face. 2017! It’s been 10 years – yes, 10 – since I started down the path of owning and operating my own photography company. And it sounds so simple when you say it like that. But really, we all know, it’s become so much more than that.

From weddings to babies, high school seniors and families, I’ve met so many wonderful people and have become friends with those I am lucky enough to call my clients. I feel so very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with people who value my work and trust me to capture the most important events in their lives. Because when someone says “Yes I want you to photograph my wedding!” (Or newborn or family for that matter.) Those moments will never happen again. And I am the girl that gets to record it forever. WOW. What an amazing charge.

And honestly I still get a little thrill that someone wants me – ME! – to take their photos! That’s very serious business. When those people step in front of my camera, whether it be for a half hour or a whole day, they become my everything. I want to give the very best photos possible!

So these are a few of my favorites from last year. It’s always so much fun to go back through every client’s files, revisiting them and hold a little contest. It’s one of the things I look forward to each  year.

Voting will begin today and end close at 1:30 p.m. on January 21st – exactly 7 days. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third places :)

Whoever receives the most votes, will receive a 16×20 canvas of the winning image as well as a free full in-studio or on-location session of their choice! The winning image will also be used on my Web site – – as well as be used for my business cards!

The second place winner will receive an 11×14 mounted print of the winning image and half-off an in-studio or on-location session. Third place will also receive half-off an full in-studio or on-location session as well!

So get out there and tell all of your family and friends to come over and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! It’s my way of giving each and every one of you a great big hug for all you’ve done. I can’t wait to see who wins and what the next year will bring!

(Now keep in mind, voters can only vote ONCE from each computer, so it’s fair. And I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a message or subscribe to receive my blog updates (over on the right-hand side under “email subscription”.) I’d love to keep in touch with each and every one of you!

So I’m calling this a highlight of 2016…images that I chose that reflect what type of photographer I am as well as images that simply make me smile. I simply can not wait to see what 2017  will bring.   Thank you to my sweet clients of 2016 … your unbelievable support have been absolutely priceless.

Here are last year’s winners Sara and David:



Without further ado, here are the nominees for Best of 2016!  Good luck!


1. Madison and Owen


2. Adam and Owen


3. Jackie and Dan


4. Aimee and Chris


5. Teagan and Tessa


6. Reid


7. Rachel K.


8. Logan






11.The Fitzpatrick Family


12. Rachel S.


13. Clara


14.Stephanie and Chris


15.Hale Family


16. Charley




18. Jessica and Clay




20. Emily


21. Kiehl wedding party


22. Jenna


23. Tom and Tommy


24. Angela and Jordan


25. Megan and Eric


26. Jorden and Paul


27. Rebecca and Ryan


28. Allie and Erica


29. Colleen and Brendon


30. Jackie and Andy


31. Tommy


32. Brady


33. Erika and Silas


34. Lauren and Eric


35. Niemic Family


36. Stellan


37. Jovanni


38. Hadleigh


39 .Cooper Family


40. Victoria


Ava turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Just look at this little darling! Isn’t she the sweetest? I had the pleasure of taking her older sister’s photos for the last three years and now it’s her turn!

She came to visit me for her first year birthday photos and she is full of personality! Cake was flying and I have to say I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

(Beautiful smash cake is by Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections.)

reichweb-1 reichweb-2 reichweb-3 reichweb-8 reichweb-9 reichweb-10

Austin turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

The first time I held him I knew he was the final piece to fully completing our family. Little Austin came into this world at 2:25 p.m. one year ago and changed me forever. He’s as adorable as they come, with big brown eyes that pierce your soul, chubby little thighs that are so ticklish, and wispy auburn hair that is feather soft.

When I think of him, the phrase “Though he be little, he is fierce” comes to mind. He definitely has his own ideas and knows exactly what he wants. He loves to cuddle and gives “kisses” by offering each of us his forehead. There’s nothing I love more first thing in the morning than when he wakes up, gives me a sleepy, crazy-haired smile and lays his head on my chest.

Though his birth and the aftermath were a bit scary and definitely a very humbling time in my life, I would go through it all again 100-times over just to have him.

Happy first birthday little man. I am so lucky and very blessed to call you my son and be your mother.


Austin-13 copy

austin2 Cora-2 EasterAustin-14

AustinWEB-14 AustinWEB-1 AustinWEB-1


Brantley | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Oh what a difference just one, short year can make!

I just saw this little cutie pie for his two year birthday portraits, and I realized I never had the chance to blog his first birthday photos! So here they are, all wrapped up in one big, fancy blog post!

Isn’t he THE MOST ADORABLE little guy you’ve ever seen? He looks like such a big dude with his new haircut.

I’m so excited because I get to see him a little tux this July when I photograph his mom and dad’s wedding!


Miller-1 copy

(Awesome train cake by none other than Alaina Fisher with Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections.)







Abby turns 1! | Fenton, Michigan Children Photographer

Since we’ve had our first snow fall here in Michigan, I had to take us back to a summertime session I simply couldn’t pass up to blog – little Ms. Abby.

I had the pleasure of photographing her first birthday session and cake smash! Oh how I already miss those warm days! (Maybe this winter will be quick! 😉 )

Her parents had her birthday party in an absolutely adorable girly John Deere theme – it just doesn’t get much sweeter! So of course we had to hit up the grounds of our old barn before heading to the lake for her perfectly pink cake smash! PERFECTION!






Lola is 1! | Davisburg, Michigan Children Photographer

Sweet, little miss Lola is 1! And I am the lucky girl that was picked to take not only her newborn photographs but also her first birthday photographs!

A lot has changed in one short year! Just look how tiny and precious she was …


… and how gorgeous she is now! She is such a happy little girl.  I had so much fun during her session! One thing is for sure – she loved – LOVED – her cake!




This gorgeous cake is by the fabulous Alaina with Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections! She does all of my birthday smash cakes! They not only look GORG but taste so so so yummy too!




Happy birthday little girl! It was so awesome to see you and your parents again! I know you have many more cakes to eat (and enjoy)  in the future!

Natalya’s First Year | Highland, Michigan Children Photographer

Here is a quick flash of the first year of little Natalya’s life! It’s been a long time coming with all of the photos I’ve been saving throughout the year for the blog!

This first photo was a Pinterest-inspired photo that her Mom really wanted to do – I couldn’t have asked Natalya’s brothers to have any better of an expression 😉


3 months


6 months – We had fun getting her into that pumpkin! And she didn’t mind in the least! She even chewed on it a bit – must have been tasty!


6 months – Comparison shot wearing the same outfit mom wore during her sixth-month photo session.


Fall family photo 🙂


9 months



One year – Smash cake done by the fabulous Alaina with Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections!


It’s been a wonderful year watching Natalya grow! She’s such a sweetheart! Can’t wait to see how much she changes and grows from here on out!

Allison at 9 and 12 months! | Linden, Michigan Children Photographer

Here is a little sweetie I’ve had the pleasure of photographing every three months for the first year of her life!

She was always ready and willing to give me those bright smiles! And when her mom told me she had her bedroom decorated in a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme, I thought what could be more perfect than a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” cake smash?!

And boy, she was into her cake! She decided to eat all of the little, colored dots first that rimmed the top – such a sweetheart!

Now she’s a graduate of my Growing Up Fast Plan and I will miss seeing her every three months!



Cake by the talented Alaina with Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections!



wendt6 copy

Belle and Easton | Holly, Michigan Children Photographs

These two are just absolutely adorable! I couldn’t stand the cuteness when they came over. The fact that they’re my second cousins has absolutely nothing to do with it *wink*

I was excited to take Belle’s first-birthday photos, as well as a few of her big brother Easton when they’re mom contacted me. I haven’t seen them in quite a while! It seems like time has a way of getting away from me!

I love this first photo – just check out the way Easton is looking at her little sister – it’s simply too much! And Belle’s stunning smile and little teeth. LOVE.





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