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So I admit – I’ve been dragging my feet a bit in doing this blog post! Why, you ask? I just always have such a hard time narrowing down my photos from the previous year and picking “my favorites.” Because truly, all of my images are “my favorites!”

And every year, I just can’t believe ANOTHER year has gone by. It has now been 11 years! Huh? How did that happen?

I can’t believe a little girl with a neon green, Teenage-Mutant-Ninja Turtle camera took an interest and made it into a passionate profession! It constantly and consistently blows my mind that each person wants ME to take their photos and capture their precious memories. It really means the world to me. I feel so very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with people who value my work and trust me to capture the most important events in their lives

When those people step in front of my camera, whether it be for a half hour or a whole day, they become my everything. I want to give the very best photos possible!

And here is a little way for me to say THANK YOU!

Voting will begin today and end at 11:00 a.m. on January 23rd – exactly 7 days. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third places :)

Whoever receives the most votes, will receive a 16×20 canvas of the winning image as well as a free full in-studio or on-location session of their choice! The winning image will also be used on my Web site – – as well as be used for my business cards!

The second place winner will receive an 11×14 mounted print of the winning image and half-off an in-studio or on-location session. Third place will also receive half-off an full in-studio or on-location session as well!

So get out there and tell all of your family and friends to come over and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! It’s my way of giving each and every one of you a great big hug for all you’ve done. I can’t wait to see who wins and what the next year will bring!

(Now keep in mind, voters can only vote ONCE from each computer, so it’s fair. And I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a message or subscribe to receive my blog updates (over on the right-hand side under “email subscription”.) I’d love to keep in touch with each and every one of you!

So I’m calling this a highlight of 2017 … images that I chose that reflect what type of photographer I am as well as images that simply make me smile. I simply can not wait to see what 2018  will bring.   Thank you to my sweet clients of 2017! Your unbelievable support has been absolutely priceless.

Here is last year’s winner, sweet Hadleigh:

1. Michaela

2. Ella

3. Petey

4. The Krot Family

5. Jesse

6. Amelie

7. Crystal

8. Meredith

9. Zoey


10. Reid

11. The Severnak Boys

12. The Bottos boys

13. Gordon wedding

14. The Crane girls

15. Matt and Rachel


16. Syndey

17. Tabitha and Mike

18. Meila


19. Kristi and Steve

20. Addy and Logan

21. Ella

22. Stacey and Robert

23. Tamara and Nathaniel 

24. Joshua

25. Eric and Lauren 

26 Matt and Amanda.

27. Courtney and Taylor

28. The Hale Family .

29 Logan .

30 Ricky and Melissa .

31. David and Samantha

32. The Curtis boys

33. JP and Zara


35. Rylan

36. The Zerwick Family

37. Cameron

The Wedding of Amanda and Chris – August 6, 2016 | Farmington, Michigan Wedding Photographer

The wedding of Amanda and Chris is one of the many wonderful weddings I’ve been so lucky to photograph this season! We started at the Longacre House in Farmington before heading over to St. Mary’s Cultural Center, hitting up several wonderful locations in-between.

When I say I’m a lucky girl, I’m a lucky girl. These two were up for anything and were willing to take so many gorgeous photos. It was such a joy to capture their special day.



KosnikWEB-2                                          KosnikWEB-6 KosnikWEB-5 KosnikWEB-4 KosnikWEB-3


KosnikWEB-9 KosnikWEB-12 KosnikWEB-11 KosnikWEB-10



KosnikWEB-16KosnikWEB-17 KosnikWEB-18

KosnikWEB-22 KosnikWEB-23




KosnikWEB-25 KosnikWEB-32 KosnikWEB-31 KosnikWEB-30 KosnikWEB-29 KosnikWEB-28 KosnikWEB-27 KosnikWEB-26  KosnikWEB-36 KosnikWEB-35 KosnikWEB-34 KosnikWEB-33 KosnikWEB-38 KosnikWEB-48

KosnikWEB-39 KosnikWEB-40KosnikWEB-41 KosnikWEB-43 KosnikWEB-42 KosnikWEB-46 KosnikWEB-47KosnikWEB-44 KosnikWEB-45

Elise + Edward | Frankenmuth, MI Engagement Photographer

What do you get when you take a beautiful private farm property in Frankenmuth and combine it with the love and adoration that Edward and Elise have for each other?

A stunningly beautiful engagement session of course!

I was so excited when I pulled up to the location of their choosing, having no idea I was stepping into a beautifully landscaped and sculpted wonderland! Add in a little cuddling and kissing and voilà! Perfect engagement session!

Plus, now that the trees have some leaves I was able to break out my infrared camera! (YAY!) Can you tell I’m one one happy photographer?

Thank you so much Elise and Edward!


McMeans-1 McMeans-2.


McMeans-6 McMeans-3


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