Cora turns 7! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Seven. Why does 7 seems so much older than 6?

I’m not sure if it’s how much you’ve grown over the last year, or how much we’ve been through, but it seems we are at the crossroads of a baby face and young girl. I can still see a few traces left of the tiny baby I wanted so badly and was given so many years ago on a hot humid June day. But I can also see traces of a little lady who will grow into a young woman before I can even blink my eye.

Everything you do, you do wholeheartedly. If you love something, you love it with your whole heart. If you dislike something, the same goes. You are so kind and patient with your little brother, who absolutely adores you. You want to grow up and own a horse farm. You love math and to read us books. You want to go on runs with mommy, even though she may make you go further than you’d like.

You still love your blankie and sleep with it every night. You still ask me to rock you to sleep, though it’s for shorter periods of time now. You still have my heart and you squeeze it tight every day when you get on the school bus and leave for big adventures. But you still lay your head down next to mine every night and for that I’m thankful.

You make 7 look good sweet girl! I learn more from you than I could ever teach. And I’m holding on to every precious second. CoraWEB-1 CoraWEB-2 CoraWEB-3 CoraWEB-4 CoraWEB-5

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Trash the Dress Session with MelissaSu and Matt | Lake Fenton, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Let me tell you – I love, LOVE trash the dress sessions! And while I realize they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they give you an awesome opportunity to think outside the box and get those fun, unique photos that you just may not be willing to do on your actual wedding day. (When you want your dress looking clean and fresh! 😉 )

I photographed MelissaSu and Matt’s beach wedding in August off of Lake Fenton. (Photos from their big day can be found HERE.) So when MelissaSu called me a month or so later and said she wanted to do a Trash the Dress session I was ready to go!

We ended up using a gorgeous, old red barn as a backdrop and it’s neighboring corn field. MelissaSu and Matt brought along their two sweet babies – Cici and Arnold. I’m sure they all thought I was completely crazy when I climbed up on a fence post to get a perfect shot! (I KNEW I should have brought the step ladder!) Completely worth the acrobatics!







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