Family of the Civil War | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

When someone you know does Civil War reenactments and wants to have photos taken, this photographer girl jumps for joy! Quite literally. Just ask Christa! 

Her and her children travel Michigan throughout the year, attending these reenactments, including those at Port Sanilac, Greenfield Village and historic Fort Wayne. I can’t imagine how much fun that must be!

I admit, I’ve never been much of a history buff, but there’s something about the Civil War that’s so intriguing.  

I can’t even begin to imagine how different things must have been and all of the hardships people went through.  Four years of intense combat left 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers dead, a higher number than the number of American military deaths in both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined! Not to mention, much of the South’s infrastructure was destroyed.

Naturally, when we set a date to do these photos, I was super pumped. I love doing something different and something I can be creative with. I was online researching the Civil War and looking up old photographs for inspiration. I think my husband through I had gone batty!

Thank you Christa for sharing this amazing experience with me. I hope you all had as much fun with it as I did! 


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