The Zerwick Family | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

I absolutely adore this family!  They not only braved 18-degree weather for their family photos but had a blast while doing it!

I’ve taken Chelsea and Zach’s senior photos, so I knew how great it was going to be. The funny part was, Tonya wanted just a light dusting of snow – her wish was granted – with over a foot!

Thank you Zerwick family for making my job extra awesome!

Abigail – Class of 2018 Fenton Spokes Model | Fenton, Michigan Senior Photographer

I was the lucky photographer that was able to take Abigail’s photos not once – but twice – this year!

She was my Fenton High School spokes model and a beautiful one at that! We did her first session this spring in the wild flowers, then got together later in the fall for more fun!

I just loved taking her photos and she braved freezing weather in some seriously cute outfits for those fall photos! Anything for a great photo, right? I love my seniors! They are amazing.

Jessica – Holly High School Class of 2018 | Holly, Michigan Senior Photographer

Check out this little preview of Jessica – Holly High School senior!

We had originally planned to get together on that crazy hot weekend last month and decided to wait until last week to get together. I’m glad we did! Jess had some of the cutest fall outfits – and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been very comfortable in 95-degree weather!

Jess is on Holly’s swim team and I was super excited she wanted to take some photos reflecting that! Everyone knows how much I love to take sport photos!

Thank you Jess for having me take your senior photos!


Brantley | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

OK. So correct me if I’m wrong, but is there anything cuter than kids and dogs? Am I right?

Gaaaa … Brantley and Sky. What an adorable duo! I’ve been photographing Brantley since he was just a few weeks old and he just turns on the charm!

Soon, he turns three, and this summer he will have a little brother to teach and share with! I am over-the-moon excited for this family!


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The B Family | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

I just love it when families come to see me! There’s something so precious about them interacting, loving and hugging! I feel very lucky to be able to capture a little bit of that magic through my camera lens!

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Wahl Maternity Session |Holly, Michigan Maternity Photographer

This family is as beautiful as they come! And very soon they will welcome a little girl into their fold! I think big brother Jovanni is excited 😉

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Peyton turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Little Ms. Peyton just turned 1! I think she was pretty excited about it – can you tell?

Her mom said they call her their “Little Ms. Sunshine.” She definitely lives up to that name – such a bright and sunny personality!

There are WAY too many cute photos of her. I feel sorry for her mom and dad! It will be hard to choose!

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Rachel – Lake Fenton High School 2017 Senior | Holly, Michigan Senior Photographer

Here’s a little peek from Rachel’s senior session last week! We had perfect weather and she’s just as gorgeous as can be – plus, just check out that back bend?! Holy moly – who does that? My back hurts just looking at it 😉

Good luck this year Rachel and thanks for coming to see me!

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Ava turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Just look at this little darling! Isn’t she the sweetest? I had the pleasure of taking her older sister’s photos for the last three years and now it’s her turn!

She came to visit me for her first year birthday photos and she is full of personality! Cake was flying and I have to say I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

(Beautiful smash cake is by Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections.)

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The Wedding of Amanda and Chris – August 6, 2016 | Farmington, Michigan Wedding Photographer

The wedding of Amanda and Chris is one of the many wonderful weddings I’ve been so lucky to photograph this season! We started at the Longacre House in Farmington before heading over to St. Mary’s Cultural Center, hitting up several wonderful locations in-between.

When I say I’m a lucky girl, I’m a lucky girl. These two were up for anything and were willing to take so many gorgeous photos. It was such a joy to capture their special day.



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