The C Family at University of Michigan | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

The campus of the University of Michigan is one of the most beautiful places to photograph! When the C family asked if I was willing to travel there for their session it didn’t take me two second to say “YES! Of course!”

We started out at the Law Quad before heading over to the clock tower and the Arb. What a gorgeous day! We initially had to cancel our first day due to rain. I’m so glad we held out, because the day we picked was 70 degrees and sunny! The colors on the trees were at peak color – what more could a photographer ask for? Add a cute baby and two amazing parents – viola – perfect session!


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The B Family | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

I just love it when families come to see me! There’s something so precious about them interacting, loving and hugging! I feel very lucky to be able to capture a little bit of that magic through my camera lens!

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Allie, Erica, Annie and Oliver | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

This adorable family had me smiling from ear to ear! Little Annie and Oliver simply ran away with my heart! These two have such big personalities and I had THE best time capturing that on camera!

Allie and Erica couldn’t have been better models as well! We were rained out once unfortunately and made different plans for the make-up day, which worked out beautifully! They have a gorgeous home on some gorgeous property – beautiful light and beautiful colors – I’m a lucky photographer!


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Michelle, Steve, Shea and Cooper | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

I already apologized to Michelle and Steve – there were just too many good photos from their session and I couldn’t possibly narrow them down! 
I don’t know how many photos sessions I’ve seen them for, but it’s always such a joy! I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding, Shea’s newborn session and various others! I’m a lucky girl to be their photographer!
Thanks for another amazing photo session! It was so good to see you both, Shea and Cooper!
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Peyton turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Little Ms. Peyton just turned 1! I think she was pretty excited about it – can you tell?

Her mom said they call her their “Little Ms. Sunshine.” She definitely lives up to that name – such a bright and sunny personality!

There are WAY too many cute photos of her. I feel sorry for her mom and dad! It will be hard to choose!

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Ava turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Just look at this little darling! Isn’t she the sweetest? I had the pleasure of taking her older sister’s photos for the last three years and now it’s her turn!

She came to visit me for her first year birthday photos and she is full of personality! Cake was flying and I have to say I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

(Beautiful smash cake is by Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections.)

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The Wedding of Amanda and Chris – August 6, 2016 | Farmington, Michigan Wedding Photographer

The wedding of Amanda and Chris is one of the many wonderful weddings I’ve been so lucky to photograph this season! We started at the Longacre House in Farmington before heading over to St. Mary’s Cultural Center, hitting up several wonderful locations in-between.

When I say I’m a lucky girl, I’m a lucky girl. These two were up for anything and were willing to take so many gorgeous photos. It was such a joy to capture their special day.



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Umlor Family | Clarkston, Michigan Family Photographer

I met up with this sweet family last week to take some extended family photos at Independence Oaks County Park in Clarkston. It’s a beautiful area and just perfect for photos on a warm, summer evening!

You could just feel the love radiating off the members in this family. And it was nice to capture them just being them! UmlorWEB-1 UmlorWEB-2 UmlorWEB-3 UmlorWEB-4 UmlorWEB-5 UmlorWEB-6 UmlorWEB-7 UmlorWEB-8

Aleria and Ian | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

I feel so lucky that families choose me over and over again to take their family photos. And it takes on a whole new meaning when I get to photograph my very OWN family members.

Aleria and Ian are my niece and nephew and just as cute as can be. While I was doing this photo session, I had flashbacks of taking Aleria’s newborn photos in the bedroom of my house with my old Canon AE-1 film camera! She still has the same eyes and soulful expressions.

Needless to say, she’s not a baby anymore, but almost a teenager! And Ian is almost 6! I remember taking his newborn photos as well and he was such a great sleeper! I’m happy to say he still has the same squeezable cheeks he had when he was a sweet baby.

Maybe I’m just a little sentimental these days, or maybe it’s just dawned on me, but I feel like time has been going WAY to fast. These sweet babies (as well as my own) will be teenagers then out of the house before we know it! I’m trying not to think that far ahead!

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The D Family | Holly, Michigan Family Photography

How beautiful is this family? Need I say more?

I simply love barn sessions. The setting, the families, the evening light = perfection. At least in my book 😉

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