Baby Matthew | Troy, Michigan Newborn Photographer

I love hospital sessions – so candid and real. A brand new baby surrounded by loving friends and family. What is better than that?

Baby Matthew wasn’t even 48 hours old when I took his first photos and big brother, mom and dad couldn’t have been sweeter!

I feel so very fortunate when I get to photograph these special moments in a family’s life. How amazing!

Hello Sweet Norah! | Holly, Michigan Newborn Photographer

What joy there is when a new baby is born! And it’s not very often I have the pleasure of photographing one when they are not even a day old!

Sweet Norah came into this world and I went to the hospital to help capture a little bit of her first day on Earth with mom, dad and big sister! And then again at just over two weeks!

I’ve known Norah’s mom for many years, since we met during my newspaper days when I was a reporter. So much has changed since then and it’s always so exciting to follow families as they grow! I photographed Norah’s big sister the same way when she came into this world 🙂

Hopefully I will still be photographing them both when they are seniors in high school and maybe even at their weddings!! Crazy to think that 😉

Special thanks to Norah’s family for allowing me to document these important milestones – you’ll never know how much that means to me!






I just love this picture! Big sister’s expression cracks me up every time!




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