Ava and Abby | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Just check out these two little cuties! Oh my, their daddy is going to be in trouble in a few short years! 

We had a fun beach session and they had the most adorable outfits. But lets be honest – I think they could have worn paper sacks and been cute!

The M Family | Holly, Michigan Family Photographer

Isn’t this family gorgeous? They came all the way from Australia to have me take their photos!

Ahem … OK, not REALLY, but they were in Michigan visiting family and came to see me too!

The first time I met them was four years ago and Mackenzie was only one! Time sure does have a way of running away with me. Last time I saw Sailor, she was not even walking! Just look at her big grins! Adorbs. 

Andrew and Emma | Port Huron, Michigan Engagement Photographer

I just love this couple! And I can hardly wait to photograph their wedding this November!

We met up last week in Marysville and Port Huron to do their engagement session – what a blast! These two are the BEST snugglers 😉

I met Andrew a few years back when he was a groomsmen in a friend’s wedding. I am so honored he remembered me and wanted me to take his wedding photos!


Peyton turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Little Ms. Peyton just turned 1! I think she was pretty excited about it – can you tell?

Her mom said they call her their “Little Ms. Sunshine.” She definitely lives up to that name – such a bright and sunny personality!

There are WAY too many cute photos of her. I feel sorry for her mom and dad! It will be hard to choose!

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Ava turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Just look at this little darling! Isn’t she the sweetest? I had the pleasure of taking her older sister’s photos for the last three years and now it’s her turn!

She came to visit me for her first year birthday photos and she is full of personality! Cake was flying and I have to say I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

(Beautiful smash cake is by Alaina’s Custom Cakes and Confections.)

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Cora turns 7! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Seven. Why does 7 seems so much older than 6?

I’m not sure if it’s how much you’ve grown over the last year, or how much we’ve been through, but it seems we are at the crossroads of a baby face and young girl. I can still see a few traces left of the tiny baby I wanted so badly and was given so many years ago on a hot humid June day. But I can also see traces of a little lady who will grow into a young woman before I can even blink my eye.

Everything you do, you do wholeheartedly. If you love something, you love it with your whole heart. If you dislike something, the same goes. You are so kind and patient with your little brother, who absolutely adores you. You want to grow up and own a horse farm. You love math and to read us books. You want to go on runs with mommy, even though she may make you go further than you’d like.

You still love your blankie and sleep with it every night. You still ask me to rock you to sleep, though it’s for shorter periods of time now. You still have my heart and you squeeze it tight every day when you get on the school bus and leave for big adventures. But you still lay your head down next to mine every night and for that I’m thankful.

You make 7 look good sweet girl! I learn more from you than I could ever teach. And I’m holding on to every precious second. CoraWEB-1 CoraWEB-2 CoraWEB-3 CoraWEB-4 CoraWEB-5

CoraWEB-10 CoraWEB-6 CoraWEB-7 CoraWEB-8 CoraWEB-9

Yalena, Isabella, Lily and Aleksander | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

Can you say fun and multiply it by four?

These sweet siblings were a blast and a half to photograph! I went into this shoot like any other, totally not expecting it to be an all-out swim party! I guess the lake was too much to resist!

Believe me, if I didn’t have a camera in my hands I would have jumped in too! 😉

Willett-2 Willett-3 Willett-5 Willett-6 Willett-7 Willett-8 Willett-9Willett-1

The K Family | Auburn Hills, Michigan Children Photographer

This beautiful family came to see me last week and I know they’ve been waiting patiently for their preview 😉 And I couldn’t wait to get it out to them! The boys are just too adorable for words!

We had a blast – first we explored an old barn, before heading to the beach to look for fish and frogs as well as play on the tire swing. Then mom surprised the boys by pulling out their dress-up box and we even had a surprise swim! What more could you ask out of a photography session?!

Krot-1 Krot-2 Krot-3

Krot-10 Krot-4 Krot-5 Krot-6 Krot-11 Krot-8 Krot-9

Matt and Rachel | Holly, Michigan Maternity Photographer

Just look at these two – aren’t they sweet?! And in this case, it’s not just Rachel who’s glowing! Matt definitely has a glow as well!

In just a few short weeks this beautiful couple will be welcoming their first child – a baby girl –  into this world! I’m so excited for them! I couldn’t be happier to have captured that “glow” and help them celebrate this precious life.


Hoffman-2 Hoffman-3 Hoffman-4 Hoffman-5 Hoffman-6 Hoffman-7 Hoffman-8

Gabe is 1! | Holly, Michigan Family/Child Photographer

There are no words for how cute this little guy is! Last year he came to see me as a tiny, sweet newborn and now he’s a big one year old with a giant personality!

I loved taking his photos this past weekend by our lake. It was a joy to capture his personality and interaction with his mom and dad!

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