Austin turns 1! | Holly, Michigan Children Photographer

The first time I held him I knew he was the final piece to fully completing our family. Little Austin came into this world at 2:25 p.m. one year ago and changed me forever. He’s as adorable as they come, with big brown eyes that pierce your soul, chubby little thighs that are so ticklish, and wispy auburn hair that is feather soft.

When I think of him, the phrase “Though he be little, he is fierce” comes to mind. He definitely has his own ideas and knows exactly what he wants. He loves to cuddle and gives “kisses” by offering each of us his forehead. There’s nothing I love more first thing in the morning than when he wakes up, gives me a sleepy, crazy-haired smile and lays his head on my chest.

Though his birth and the aftermath were a bit scary and definitely a very humbling time in my life, I would go through it all again 100-times over just to have him.

Happy first birthday little man. I am so lucky and very blessed to call you my son and be your mother.


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